Thursday , 22 February 2018


Words of Wisdom

As a man who has his daily bouts with anxiety, I can tell you in all honesty that your mental state ebbs and flows like the ocean. But the good news is that’s normal, and even better, the bad times never last and the periods of struggle make all the good times so much sweeter. Keep the Faith, everybody! You’ll …

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Expensive Motorcycles

Kawasaki Ninja H2R – $50,000 Hesketh Valiant SC – $65,545 Energica Ego45 Limited Edition – $68,000 4Motorcycles Can Be Quite Expensive! TRON Light Cycle – $77,000 Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1 – $78,000 Confederate B120 Wraith – $92,500 Vyrus 987 C3 4V – $103,800 Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter – $119,500 MV Agusta F4CC – $120,000 Suter MMX 500 – $118,565 NCR …

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Save Some Cash

The expensive version of something isn’t always the best way. When you can buy a cheaper version of a product that is just as good, do it! Save your money, Friday is always around the corner.

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Disturbing But Helpful Life Hacks

You can either learn how to do things the normal way (which we don’t recommend), or you can try these helpful life hacks. Sure they aren’t always pretty, but they always work. Well, not always. But they are clever enough to where you will be more entertained than inconvenienced.

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Awesome License Plates

You remember a great license plate forever. They are like the shooting stars of the roadways. More than that though, they highlight your own pathetic lack of creativity. You look like a total chump idling next to a modern day Shakespeare. It’s embarrassing to be out in public with my randomly generated plate. From now on, I aspire to be …

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This Cool Cave Is Like A Dream Come True

Most people don’t live in caves anymore, but Angelo Mastropietro had a different vision. He spent $88,000 on a 700-year-old cave located among the sandstone rocks in Worcestershire and it’s considered to be the first luxury cave in the UK. The cave comes with heated floors, a fireplace and wifi, and it can be rented for $275 a night.

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