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Here’s Your Friday Breakdown

Hey what’s up everyone. We’re going to start a new weekly post for you all. Every Friday from now on we’ll do a “Friday Breakdown” post where we gather a bunch of awesome and inspiring images to get you ready for the weekend. Hope you enjoy the first Friday Breakdown.

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Shut Up And Take My Money!

We all want some thing random and awesome at some point in our lives. But why not have a Camo Six-Pack Beer Holster Belt this way you don’t run out of beer ammo at a party? Or what about this 4×4 Delorean? World just Shut Up and Take my Money!

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A Cookbook with Rapper Themed Recipes

It’s not often we push a book at you because lets be honest we don’t really want to read anything.But in this instance we had to share Bon Rappetite The Hip Hop Cookbook. The recipe names are really bizarre but kind of awesome check em out below.

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Giant Sculptures Made of Jack O’Lanterns

Giant sculptures made of Jack O’Lanterns. Yup you read it correctly, Hudson Valley has put together a walk way that is reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas. These massive sculptures were made with more than 5,000 hand carved pumpkins. Check out the photos it’s nothing short of amazing.

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What Is Your Excuse?

Bestselling author and motivational speaker, Joshua Sundquist lost his leg to cancer at the age of nine and was told that he would not live long past his 10th birthday. He surprised everyone by proving the doctors wrong and started professional skiing at the age of 17. He went on to join the Paralympic skiing team and after competing in ...

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