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Someone Invented a Whiskey Gun So You Can Get Drunk with a Gun

It turns out the idea Dennis and Mac had for the Paddie’s “Shot Gun” (which Frank later stole) wasn’t too far off of something someone was trying to develop in 1969. Never under estimate the American ingenuity when it comes to getting drunk in new and fun ways. It turns out that there is this patent for a “simulated firearm with pivotally mounted …

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Stroll down nostalgia lane with these awesome G.I. Joe facts

G.I. Joe was was truly a phenomenon. Starting with the action figures and moving on to TV shows, comics, and even movies, the legacy of G.I. Joe looks like it’s likely to live on for many years to come. Regardless, G.I. Joe has an incredible legacy with many interesting components that you probably didn’t know about. G.I. Joe exists because …

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Asking if you like In-N-Out is like asking if you like to party…

Wednesdays at Chive HQ is “find a good spot to eat lunch day.” Being from California I grew up with IN-N-Out, the best fast food burger in the land. If you’re unfamiliar with the hype, I have one word for you, animal-style. That’s two words, but you get the point. If you ever find yourself driving through one of these …

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Awesome drinking games from around the world

Everybody loves a good good drinking game. But, all over the world different games have emerged that fit perfectly into each individual culture. Some of these games may sound like fun, while others may seem like the worst idea in the world. Whatever your drinking game preference may be, we can all still raise a glass in the air and …

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Awesome pictures found in your beer

Drunk T-Rex Goose Stag Yin and Yang Google map your way into a drink Wicked witch Do you want a beer? The tree of life stems from your pilsner. You have beer, be happy! ‘Merica But why stop there. The whole world likes beer! Why so serious? Have another round! If you drink enough you’ll start to see cool tattoo …

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