13 Remarkable Things From The Past

“This Milky Way wrapper from 1961 I found in my wall”

“I found this old lightbulb in my Grandparents’ house finished in 1902 and it still works”

“I found an old clothes hanger between the floor boards of my attic. It’s so old the company’s phone number is 4 digits.”

“A Blockbuster bag I found in my garage from 2005.”

“Found 4 unopened packs of Pokemon cards from 1999”

“This McDonald’s cup found in a wall during a kitchen renovation”

“My roommate bought a pair of pants at the thrift store and found this in one of the pockets.”

“These old drink cans I dug up while renovating my backyard.”

“I found an Amazon box from 1997 in my basement.”

“Found a marriage certificate from 1895 in a flooded cabin we renovated.”

“Friend tore down his wall for renovations and found this mural on another wall behind it.”

“Found 40 year old Doritos under my porch”

“While renovating my basement we found this painting on the cement behind the wall”


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