15+ People Recalling Their Embarrassing Moments In Photos From the Past

“Wasn’t Balding. Just a Hair Dye Job Gone Wrong”

“i’m sure this one of my worst blunders. i wore this hat everywhere i went for at least a year.. i paired it with paw print fingerless gloves until i developed self awareness and realized i was accidentally a furry.”

“Family gatherings are SO LAME. Dec 25, 2001 with the best fur coat from Gadzook’s at the mall.”

“Mid 90’s, my mom sewed us matching vests for a family photo. Behold fresh cut. My mom insists it isn’t a bowl cut because she didn’t use a bowl.”

“Me circa 2013 sporting a homemade duct tape purse… I think each toenail is also painted its own color.”

“My boyfriend said I look like a tiny Designing Woman”

“In honor of National Emo Day I thought I’d share my fav Rawr XD MySpace looks.”

“Do these sideburns count? 1968, age 14.”

“When you want to be goth, but also love your dog handbag! (On the left).”

“I really tried copying the Justin Bieber Hairstyle and acted like a “bad boy” back then for girls. I wake up at night sometimes thinking about it.”

“When I was 16, this was my MySpace profile picture. I had edited it in paint.”

“When I was 7, I lived full-time as my alter-ego Colin, an Edwardian nobleman/farmer/street urchin depending on my mood”

“My mom came to watch me play with my black metal band at the community youth center”

“My mom cut my hair the day before picture day (early 90s). For picture day we curled my very short hair resulting in this delightfully puffy abomination where I insisted on wearing earrings so “I didn’t look like a boy” . The result is this delightful Xmas ornament that I get to look at every year”

“I really wish my Mum would take this photo down”

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