40+ Photos Show The Extreme Beauty Of Canadian Winters

Did you know NIAGARA FALLS can freeze over???

Apparently, “ice fog” is a thing in Canada.

“Thunder snow” also exists, and no, not as a Pokémon move.

And finally, this isn’t from winter, but TIL Canada’s fire hydrants have these flags on them because of how high the snow gets.

Somewhere in this photo, you may be able to spot someone’s stairs.

Snow blowing in Canada looks like splitting the red sea.

This person had frost form in the corners of their room. Because it was -45°C outside.

This is also inside. 🙁

It can actually form a whole layer around your car.

It’s so cold this person’s door is frozen shut FROM THE INSIDE.

It gets so cold in Canada, ATM pin pads freeze in place, so you can’t get money out.

This bobcat literally got frozen to train tracks as it was eating (don’t worry, it was rescued).

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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