19 Useful Tricks How To Hack Your Life

“To clean a drain filled with hair, just leave cheap hair removal cream in it for 15 minutes.”

“You need to put a cotton disc wet with aroma oil into the vacuum cleaner container.”

“This way, your home will smell nice during cleaning.”

“This is how to eat chips without getting chip dust on your fingers or game controllers. My girlfriend is a ridiculous genius.”

“I write down all my text carefully. When the class is over, I sell my notes to younger students.”

“Flat couch? No worries! Upholstery foam is cheap and easy!”

“Some cheap dye made my old backpack look new again.”

“I use a magnetic knife holder for tools.”

“A tip for how to make a repellent against mosquitoes: Take cream or body milk, pour some of it into a separate container, and add some vanillin.”

“Stir it well and apply it to open skin areas.”

“I love young potatoes. When I need to peel one, I just use some metal mesh for frying pans.”

“I rub a potato with it, and then move onto the next one.”

“No more paying for an expensive spice shelf. Instead, my boyfriend made this from old bed slats.”

“My way of recycling disposable masks — they’re stronger and longer than the average twist-ties.”

“I freshened up the kitchen for $16. I covered the backsplash and the counters in contact paper.”

“I began to work as an administrator in a gym because I wanted to bulk up but didn’t have money for a gym or an instructor.”

“Now I work and study there. They also pay money.”

“I asked for the room prices at the reception desk in a hotel. When I learned them, I immediately booked the room via Booking.com with a big discount in the same hotel.”

“When I realized that I ate too much while watching TV, I stopped eating and started embroidering.”

“No calories, and I get a beautiful result.”

“To remove grease from plastic containers, I pour a drop of dishwashing liquid and boiling water in them.”

“Then I close them, shake them, pour out the boiling water, wipe all corners with a sponge, and rinse them.”

“I pour detergent into a thick sock, tie it up, and put it inside bedding and blankets for summer.”

“This way, the bedding remains fresh and smells good.”

“A life hack from my mother-in-law: If the house is a mess and your guests say that they’ll be over in an hour…”

“You won’t have enough time to do general cleaning, but you can wash the dishes and floors for 1 hour. If your floors are clean, it means your house isn’t dirty, even if it’s messy.”

“A new stylist cut my hair today.”

“She washed my hair in silence for a long time, and then suddenly said, “I’ll tell you a secret, just don’t laugh. One of the best products for washing hair is intimate hygiene gel. It has a very soft and gentle consistency.”

“Take a frozen pizza, cut it into individual slices, and then put them back in the freezer just to take out a few pieces when you need them.”

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