20 Celebrities That Love To Collect Some Weird Stuff

Tom Hanks: Typewriters

Hanks started collecting antique typewriters when he was 19 years old and currently has over 100 in his collection.

Johnny Depp: Barbie dolls

Along with traditional Barbies, Depp has several special edition dolls including Beyoncé, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn.

Angelina Jolie: Daggers

Jolie’s love of daggers started at a young age, as her mother collected them and gave the actress her first one at the age of 12.

Keifer Sutherland: Gibson guitars

Many know Sutherland as an actor and director, but he’s also got a passion for music. Not only does he have his own music label, Ironworks Records, but he has a large collection of guitars.

Martin Scorsese: Vintage posters

Scorsese has been working on his impressive collection for five decades.

Penélope Cruz: Coat hangers

This is definitely an interesting item to collect, and Cruz has over 500 coat hangers in her possession. It sounds a little less weird when you factor in that Cruz is also a clothing designer.

Quentin Tarantino: Board games

In 1994, Rolling Stone called the director’s collection of TV and movie-themed board games one of the most impressive collections in the world.

Ben Stiller: Star Trek memorabilia

The actor has proudly admitted to being a full-blown trekkie, with a collection including two pairs of signed Spock ears.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Action figures

At one point, the actor had over 150 Star Wars figures, upwards of 200 superhero figures, and around 200 robots/space toys.

Amanda Seyfried: Taxidermy

The actress sees taxidermy as an amazing art form and has joked about the fact that dead animals are easier to take care of. At least we hope it was a joke…

Jay Z: Watches

The performer owns several very impressive watches, including the most expensive in the world. Hublot’s “Big Bang” costs $5 million and was gifted to him by wife Beyoncé.

Nicole Kidman: Coins

Kidman has an impressive coin collection that even includes a few ancient coins of Judea.

Jerry Seinfeld: Superman memorabilia

The comedian has a fairly well-known car collection, but what many don’t know is that Seinfeld also collects old Superman memorabilia.

Brad Pitt: Metal art

Rather than collect paintings, Pitt is into metal art and metal furniture. He’s actually designed a few pieces himself.

Reese Witherspoon: Antique linen

The actress is a collector of antique linen and embroidered vintage clothing.

Mike Tyson: X-Men action figures

Tyson is known for his love of comic books, and X-men action figures are no exception. He’s got a respectably sized collection that have been spotted on his coffee table during interviews at his home.

Kelsey Grammer: First edition books

While Grammer often plays intellectual characters on camera, he also has a love for learning and books off-screen.

Demi Moore: Vintage dolls

Moore once said she collects dolls “by the roomful,” and a source recently revealed that her collection is insured for $2 million.

Nicolas Cage: Comic books

Cage had a very impressive collection of comic books, which were sadly stolen years back. The actor reported he has moved on to collecting other things including knives.

Rod Stewart: Model trains

As of this year, Stewart’s model train collection is so large that it takes up the entire third floor of his home. The rock star even books a second hotel room on trips in order to bring his trains with him.

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