30+ People Shared Some Cool Discoveries And Finds

This is the 2.7 mm Kolibri, the world’s smallest pistol:

This, in all its 1912 glory, is what a first-class suite looked like on the Titanic:

In a French deck of playing cards, instead of seeing J, Q, and K, you’ll see V, D, and R:

There are some German bars that have sinks designed specifically for puking in:

These were some of the job necessities for a TWA flight attendant in the 1940s:

Cement trucks and other giant trucks can have student drivers:

This is what Charlie Chaplin looked like as a young man:

For reference, here’s how you’re probably used to remembering Charlie Chaplin:

And just for good measure, here’s what an eightysomething Charlie Chaplin looked like:

Cuttlefish have W-shaped pupils:

This is one of the few known photos of Vincent van Gogh, shown here at age 20:

Rainbows can happen at night. When they do, they’re called “moonbows”:

Garlic can be just one giant clove:

This is what a close-up of a line drawn with a red crayon on a piece of paper looks like under a microscope:

A PlayStation 5 controller has tiny little PlayStation buttons all over it:

The man on the left, Muggsy Bogues, played in the NBA almost twice as long as the man on the right, Yao Ming:

Both legends in their own right, Muggsy played for 14 years, while Yao played for eight seasons.

This is what a 100-sided die looks like:

This is what a ballpoint pen looks like under an electron microscope:

This person that has a fox living in their hedge:

This grocery store that puts stickers over media characters on any packaging that’s marketed to children:

These cat bed instructions that are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen:

This tall, skinny snowman made with buckets:

This company whose shipping boxes are marked as “all-purpose flour” to deter people from stealing:

This plant that grew out of a carpet:

This view of the aurora borealis from an airplane:

This moldy ricotta that’s actually kind of pretty:

This vacuum cleaner that looks like the Predator:

This cloud that looks like a hat:

This apple with an apple on it (meta):

This Minnesota creek that’s a winter wonderland:

This donut shop that’s shaped like a Krispy Kreme box:

This person’s homemade “cheese cave”:

This gigantic Toblerone:

These $1,000 cigars at Walgreens:

This adorable soy sauce device:

This oven’s Sabbath setting:

This person’s (extremely dope) wall-mounted rotary phone collection:

And finally, this imprinted skin that looks like nude leggings:


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