40 Hilarious Realizations Of Living With A Monster

“My Wife Doesn’t Throw Her Trash Away Before Putting Her Dish In The Sink, So I Often End Up With This”

“My Husband Put This Much Milk Back In The Fridge”

“Wife Made Cupcakes, 8-Year-Old Ate The Frosting”

“My Brothers And Sister Chipped In To Get My Mom A Nice Set Of Kitchen Knives. Dad Used The Chef Knife To Pry Frozen Meat Apart And Cracked It”

“My Dad Said He Would Make Dinner Today And Grilled The Expensive Bullet Steak I Bought. This Is The Result”

“My Brother Only Eats The Cheese Packets In The Instant Mac And Cheese, And Then Puts It Back On The Shelf”

“I Left My Laptop On And Came Back To My Discord, Google Chat, Whatsapp, And Browser History Open. My Dad Was The Only One In The Room. Thanks, Dad”

“My Sister-In-Law Lives With Us And Uses Our Things. This Is How She Leaves My Peloton After Use Even After I’ve Mentioned It A Few Times”

“My Mom Wanted To Make Tea But Instead Of Asking For Help With The Electric Kettle She Microwaved My Chargeable Self Heating Mug And Caught It On Fire”

“I Refuse To Pick Up My Fiance’s Dirty Socks After Telling Him Earlier This Week That It Annoys Me When He Leaves His Shoes And Socks In The Middle Of The Floor”

“My Dad Refuses To Clean Up The Dogs’ Poop, But Goes Through The Effort Of Putting A Flag By Each Pile”

“I Just Have Done My Business, And My Boyfriend Left This”

“Stepped Out Of The Kitchen For A Moment And My Daughter Tried To Help Season The Potatoes”

“My Brother Dug Through The Ice Cream To Take All The Candy Out”

“My Partner Decided To Wash My Recently-Purchased Japanese Knife In The Dishwasher”

“My Wife Doesn’t Get All The Ice Out Of One Tray Before Using Another”

“I Happily Obliged When My Wife Said She Would Mow The Grass”

“My Mom Made Me Threw Away This Good-Looking Cake Because It Was Given To Us By A Muslim Neighbour For Eid”

“My Husband Left This In The Bathroom For Me To Find. It’s The Top Of A Tomato”

“My Mother Destroyed My PC Screen Because My Dogs Woke Her Up”

“My Partner Borrowed My Car For A Few Days, And Gave It Back Like This”

“My Kid Wanted To “Open” The Banana By Herself This Morning. Am I Raising A Serial Killer?”

“So My Brother Decided To Take His Anger Out On Something Of Mine”

“How My Husband Wrote The Date When He Opened This Orange Juice”

“I’m A Recovering Alcoholic Who Just Moved Into A New Apartment. This Is What My Dad Left Me”

“My Parents Went Through My Phone, Deleted Over 1500 Different Images And Videos, And Emptied The Trash Bin. I’m 15 And They Haven’t Found Anything Bad On My Phone Ever”

“Offered My Ice Cream To My Son And He Gave Me This Back… He’s Clearly Not Yet Constrained By Standard Ice-Cream Etiquette”

“When My Husband Gets Mad At Me, He Puts Things Where I Can’t Reach Them (I’m 5’3″). Then, He Hides My Step Ladder”

“I Tore My Rotator Cuff So My Husband Told Me He’d Finish The Interior Painting On Our Downstairs. He Says He’s Done”

“My Grandfather Asked My Little Brother If He Could Use His Batman Plushie To Light The Furnace. My Brother Refused, But Today We Woke Up To This”

“The Way My Boyfriend Puts Away The Utensils”

“Two-Year-Old Insisted That The Puzzle Is Built Like This”

“My Husband Throws Away Trash Directly Into The Pantry”

“My Parents Went Out Of Town, And Before They Left, My Dad Turned Off The Internet To All Of My Devices Except My Phone (He Forgot That One). I’m 18 And Pay The Bastard Rent”

“My Father Set A Password To The Thermostat”

“My Soon To Be Ex-Husband Has Been Taking Advantage Of Local Food Banks. He Ends Up Tossing Much Of It Out Because It Goes Bad, But He And I Can Easily Afford To Buy Food”

“The Way My Wife Eats The Muffins”

“My Poor Girlfriend Woke Up To Her Laptop With A Hot Iron On Top Of It Courtesy Of Her Brother”

“I Told My Son To Make Sure He Uses A Clip To Close The Chips Bag When He Is Done”

“My Dad Says I Don’t Deserve Or Need A Doorknob”

“My Girlfriend: “I Couldn’t Fit It In The Freezer.” I Hereby Apologize To The Whole French Nation”

“My Dad Is Watching Videos While Driving. Then He Yells At My Mother For Looking Up A Number For Work (He Doesn’t Even Have A Job)”

“One Of My Parents Decided To Wash My Le Creuset And Place It Like This To Dry. I’m Literally Crying. I Said A Thousand Times For Them Not To Touch It”

“My Brother “Salted” The Driveway”

“My Fiance Refuses To Finish A Bottle Of Coke Before Opening Another”

“My Wife Kept Threatening To Throw Away My Favorite Pair Of Yard Work Shorts. Today I Found Them Like This”

“Oh, Let Me Just Put These Empty Eggshells Back In The Container. I Married A Savage”

“My Brother Was Mad Because I Wouldn’t Let Him Have Anymore Candy After He Had Almost A Whole Bag. This Is What He Did. This Is My 1000-Dollar iPad That I Earned”

“This Is Where My Wife Keeps Her Teeth Things”

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  1. “…my dad shut off my internet…. I pay that bastard rent!” Whoa good one

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