45 Pics Shot That They Don’t Make Things Like They Used To

“I’ve owned this thing for 9.5 years now, nearing 300k miles. 1982 Mercedes Benz 300SD.”

“My parents got this toaster in 1971. I grew up using it & took it with me when I left home. It’s been making toast several times a week for 50 years.”

“This ЗИЛ Soviet fridge is over 50 years old, and is still actively used by our family without issues.”

“1974 Calculator from Kmart ($14 then).”

“Waffle iron my mother bought when she was 19. She’s 75 now and still serves delicious waffles.”

“Old Electrolux vacuum from 1969. My grandparents still use it to this day because it still works perfectly.”

“This Bowl have been in my family since 1850-1860.”

“My Wife inherited this Singer sewing machine from her grandma – still works perfectly. Not sure of the year though.”

“My Bialetti, doing my morning coffee for the last 12 years and probably for at least another 12.”

“My buy it for life “holy trinity” of wool coats (At least in my opinion).”‘

“Texas Instruments TI 36 Solar. I bought this in 1988 and it still works perfectly. 33 years old still going strong!”

“70s blender brought back to life! Restored with an updated newer pitcher! This thing is a beautiful beast! Loud but worth the hearing loss. Can we bring this type of quality back please?!”

“70’s model snap on tool boxes. Lasted through 3 generations and one major shop fire. Any idea as to what they costed when new? Searched the web and can’t find a old catalog with prices. Just curious and my 70 year old grandfather can’t remember what he paid.”

“Neverquit merino wool crew socks. Daily wear since November 2019.”

“1958 Gillette adjustable/ still using semi daily.”

“Used to belong to my grandparents and has been reupholstered a bunch of times. 1920 – 1930.”

“My 50 year old Hobart N50, restored the paint.”

“Can we show some love to the cheap stuff that probably shouldn’t be BIFL but somehow is? My parents bought me this radio when I was 5 for $8 at a Dollar General. I’m 30 now and listen to it when I cook and clean.”

“Our 1950s stove will run for another 100 years.”

“Timberland belt I’ve worn nearly every day since middle school (I’m 38 now).”

“My father’s Sears Betamax VCR. Bought in 1979, I still remember him explaining to friends what a ‘Video Cassette Recorder’ does as he showed off last week’s football games. Weighs a ton. It still works to this day.”

“MAG-LITE. Our power went out last night (and is still out) & I was reminded how great this tool is.”

“My mother still using this iron made in West Germany.”

“My 1985 Numatic Henry, still going strong!”

“Grandpa’s radio outlived him.”

“1950 Frigidaire Delux.”

“This pitcher I have from my grandmother.”

“Mums hairdryer – she thinks it’s from 1950s.”

“My great-grandmother’s antique sewing scissors. Still sharp as ever, used only for floss and thread, frequently.”

“A gift bag my mom has been reusing for 39 years”

“3 generations, one dress (my grandma in 1964, my mom in 1991, and me in 2017)”

“This multimillion-dollar hospital lab I work in with huge analyzers and new equipment manufactured months ago has a tape dispenser from the 1960s and 1970s.”

“This belt is going on 15 years now, no deforming, stretching, or cracking. They have a 99-year warranty.”

“This 1920s or ’30s fridge has been in the family for decades and still works fine.”

“I have used this Goody brand comb every day for nearly 20 years and it’s still in great shape.”

“Still using my HP-15C from high school — 40 years ago. It’s a little beaten up, but it works great.”

“My parents received this ’hand mixer’ as a wedding gift in ’81. I still use it for breakfast every morning.”

“Motorola Razr, purchased in 2006”

“This bowl has been in my family since 1850-1860.”

“Used to belong to my grandparents and has been reupholstered a bunch of times, 1920 to 1930.”

“Restoring the wooden beams of my house and found this — September 15, 1664.”

“My Rolex Oyster Perpetual made in 1970 — it’s over 50 years old and still runs flawlessly.”

“My grandpa just gifted me this nineteenth-century mandolin.”

“A waffle iron from the 1920s, still working flawlessly!”

“My ’new’ 60-year-old Swiss army salt and pepper backpack”

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