This tiny dog trolls a DIY job masterfully

Meet this adorable tiny dog. No name provided so let’s call her “Maise” for now. Maise used to go up and down the stairs until one day she took a tumble and has been scared ever since. So “Megan” (also …

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Guy builds 3,500 birdhouses from scrap wood

Artist and designer Thomas Dambo has spent the last 7 years building more than 3,500 birdhouses in various cities around the world. The bird houses are made from scrap wood and painted with donated paint that was wrongfully toned. Dambo …

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This DIY project is the smart mirror of the future

Imgur user, ctrlaltdylan, created an awesome DIY smart mirror to display the date, time, current weather, and a random compliment. Check out the full tutorial in detail HERE Double sided acrylic mirror a little larger than the display monitor. The …

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