The Gun Katar

This Indian Combination Katar/Flintlock Pistol has the broad 9 1/2-inch blade with central fuller. German silver grips with pierced and beaded rims and embossed with florals and fitted with German silver boxlock actions, the side engraved with elephants and boars. …

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Unlikely Friends

A former US Air Force pilot Dale Zelko and Zoltan Dani, the former commander of a Yugoslav anti-aircraft rocket unit, met face-to-face in Dani’s kitchen in Serbia after years of engaging in an unlikely correspondence. During the Kosovo War of …

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Expensive Plane Seats

It takes over 18 hours to get from New York to Singapore. If you want to travel with comfort you should book seats like these in a modern Airbus A380. But it’s very expensive. Two-way ticket will cost you $16,000.

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