This Man Saved A Pine Tree And Built An Awesome Alternative Christmas Tree


Traditions can be wonderful, but sometimes it’s good to think outside of the box and do things a little differently. Over time, many people come up with new and alternative ways to do things. Sometimes, these new ideas make everyone’s lives easier and more convenient, which we should most certainly be thankful for.

Getting a real Christmas tree can be a hassle. Barring the fact that it can be expensive, it can all be tough to get home, set-up and clean up. Some people would just prefer an easier way to get into the holiday spirit. (Not to mention that, if you use a real tree, you’re just killing a tree.)

A redditor called eonomine designed his own version of a Christmas tree. Although nothing can totally replace the look and feel of a real tree, this design is refreshing in it’s simplicity and minimalism.

Would you believe that this outdoor tile is the beginning of an alternative Christmas tree?


Here are the schematics drawn up for the tree that are pretty straightforward (making this tree all the more appealing)


You’ll need to do a little wood work if you want to try this project out. Measure twice, cut once. And remember, safety first!


It’s relatively easy to put together, though you may need an extra hand when tying the rods together at the top.


Now all you need to do is decorate. This tree was decorated using some plastic wreath, lights, and a little santa hat on top, but you can use whatever you’d like to decorate your homemade tree.


The more I think about it, the more I think one of these alternative Christmas trees would look really good in my apartment. It’s a simple, easy, and quick alternative – sounds good to me! (Plus, if you own a cat, they will be able to do relatively little damage to this minimalist tree.)

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  1. isnt that made of wood?

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