Was “Black Panther” Copied From “The Lion King”?

Both stories start out with a close bond between a father and son.

The sons only dream is to be a great King like his father some day.

The King has been untested so far and brags of their strength.

Until sadly the king is killed by the actions of a rival family member.

In Lion King, it is Scar, Mufasa’s brother who kills the King and in Black Panther, it is T’Challas cousin who challenges the thrown, after having killed the King.

In both stories, our heroes must overcome great odds to regain their throne and bring peace to their kingdoms.

Oh and they both have dream or vision scenes where the main characters talk to their dead dads in a cloud of purple haze.

And then they fight, and the bad guy is defeated.

Oh and last thing, they’re both cats.

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