Saturday , 21 April 2018


Cats Who Maybe Don’t Have Bones

I don’t know how cats work, and I won’t pretend I know. I know they live by the motto “If I Fits, I Sits”, of course. That’s in any science textbook. My quick take on them is that they are either a plasma or some kind of very chunky gaseous substance. They seem to be attracted to containers and want …

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Pony Wins Major Horse Show One Year After Being Left For Dead

Buggy the pony was only a few months old when he was found left for dead in a field as he was being eaten alive by maggots. He could hardly stand up, but he’s in much better shape following 12 months of rehabilitation. Buggy found redemption this year when he was crowned Rescue Pony Champion at national horse event Equifest.

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Little Girl Rescues Dog From An Unexpected Location

When a little girl was walking with her family they heard whimpering off in the distance, so they decided to check it out. The little girl then found a concrete well covered in boards with a dog inside. They quickly rescued the dog and took it to the vet where they learned that it was blind and had a womb …

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Dog Shows Ultimate Act Of Loyalty

This dog’s owner died in 2006, and the German shepherd has spent the past 10 years sitting at his grave. The dog is 15 years old now and almost totally blind, but it still refuses to leave.

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