Monday , 22 October 2018


This obese monkey is going to fat camp!

In Thailand there is an obese monkey which has been nicknamed Uncle Fatty and he was recently seen gorging on food. Officials are planning to rescue him and then send him to “fat camp” so he can lose weight before returning to the wild.

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Love Is Still Alive Because Of This Dog

It’s amazing how one dog can bring two people together. Rebecca Hernandez and Frankie got married in 2012 and soon adopted a puppy named Apollo The two got separated 2 years ago but the woman’s ex still sends birthday cards to their dog This year he ended his letter with “continue to be there for her like you were for …

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Adventure cats are the new dogs

Dogs are supposedly superior to cats cause they go outside and do cool sh*t. Well, these cats are sick of that stereotype and are out their in the wild doing their thing. Still think dogs > cats?

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I Photograph The Secret World Of Stray Cats Of Kazakhstan

Most of the animals in my photos are homeless. I always carry food in my bag for the homeless cats. Sending money for a donation to the homeless animals in animal shelters. I hope that my photographs will help instill in humans an empathy and consequential better treatment towards animals. Animals are an integral part of our life. As far …

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The deadliest snakes here on planet Earth

Eyelash Viper Eyelash vipers are the kind of snakes that will actually camp out in a specific spot and wait for prey to wander by before they strike. The interesting thing about these particular snakes is that they will return to the same ambush spot yearly, just in time to catch birds migrating in the spring. There is even a …

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