Tuesday , 22 October 2019


The Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

  Deadpool 2 We may not know much about the new ‘Deadpool’ film, but holy fuck knuckles are we excited for it (his words not mine). The teaser trailers like ‘Wet on Wet’ are leaving us all wanting more.   …

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Hazy Facts about Pineapple Express

The diner scene at the end of the film wasn’t in the script when filming began and was entirely ad-libbed. Seth Rogen originally wrote the part of Saul for himself, but James Franco was given the part after he proved …

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Movie Quotes Describing Your Sex Life

We get it. There are periods in everyone’s life where things get a little scarce in the love department and it feels like all you’re doing is watching Netflix, eating, and doing all those other things that help release that …

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The Biggest Movie Mistakes From 2017

Nobody’s perfect. When you’re working with tons of footage, in a multi-million dollar film that has a hard deadline, things are gonna get missed. Multiple takes tend to mess up continuity and as much as editors and the production guys …

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2017 Movies With Brutally Honest Titles

Let’s be real. Everyone can tell when a film is just another remake or a last ditch effort to keep the ‘Transformers’ franchise alive. The folks over at College Humor have a habit of being brutally honest about movie titles, …

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‘A Christmas Story’ Facts

Originally, Jack Nicholson was interested in the role of the father. The film had too small of a budget to afford him. Peter Billingsley was the first child to audition for the role of Ralphie. Director Bob Clark auditioned thousands …

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