Abandoned Underwater Strip Club

Sounds impossible, but it’s real. The club is located on the shores of the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel. First it was an underwater restaurant, then it was re-opened as a strip club for a while, then shut down altogether about a year ago.

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Bobbit Worm

Bobbit worm is an aquatic predatory polychaete worm dwelling at the ocean floor. It has sharp teeth and can slice its prey in half.

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Prostitutes on Floating Barges in Utrecht

The Dutch town of Utrecht is famous for two bizarre highlights: mechanical music museum and floating hookers on barges. Window prostitution occurs mainly along the Vecht to the Zandpad, also known as Red Bridge. The window prostitutes are working in houseboats . The windows are visible from the car, the use of the car is popular among prostitution customers. There ...

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Strange Creature

This strange creature was found by the Iranian navy ship in the Persian Gulf. It was stinking really bad. What is this?

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Crying Cop from the Philippines

Riot cop Joselito Sevilla broke into tears while trying to block protesters in the Philippines with his shield and baton. “I am a policeman, I’m just doing my job,” he said. It was his first riot duty. The protesters gathered around to show him some support.

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Freaks of the Past

Photos of freaks by a famous New York photographer Charles Eisenmann. The photos were made during the late 1880s when he worked in the Bowery district.

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These men are ”Cullatori” and they carry vast wooden structures through the streets of Nola, in southern Italy, every year as part of the annual ”Festival of the Lillies” [Festa Dei Gigli]. As a result, this is what happens to their shoulders and backs.

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