Saturday , 1 August 2015



Mother of All Swiss Army Knives

Mother of all Swiss Army knives is a multiblade folding knife that has 100 blades and even a functional .22-caliber fivhot pinfire revolver. It was made in Germany in 1880s. It does not have a bottle opener, because the bottle cap as we know wasn’t invented until 1892.

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Taste of Diamonds, the World’s Most Expensive Champagne

“Taste of Diamonds” (Goût de Diamants) is a luxury champagne brand. The bottle was designed by luxury designer Alexander Amosu. It comes with a real diamond and a handmade 18ct solid gold plate. One bottle of “”Taste of Diamonds” costs $1.8 million. It makes Armand De Brignac’s Ace Of Spades and other luxury champagne brands look very cheap.

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Versace Mansion is Sold

Versace mansion Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach was sold for $41,5 million to Nakash family (of Jordache jeans). Gianni Versace was killed on the steps of this house.

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