Man Takes Disabled Friend On A Pilgrimage

Paul Gray (left), and his best friend Justin Skeesuck (right). Patrick Gray took his friend Justin Skeesuck across the entire 500 mile long El Camino pilgrimage in Spain. Justin is disabled and had to be pushed by Patrick the entire way. That’s true friendship right there.

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Containment System For Ebola

Ebola is on everyone’s mind lately. No one wants to see it spread as it’s very dangerous. Get a look at The Aeromedical Biological Containment System (ABCS) – special containers used to transport Ebola patients.

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Baby Is Born 16 Weeks Early

This baby whose name is Edie was born 16 weeks early. She looks tiny at first but when you see the pictures from her first birthday you’ll know that she’s as happy as can be now.

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