Thursday , 29 September 2016



These 10 Super Dangerous Dinosaurs Make Me Glad They Went Extinct

Interest in dinosaurs is back and better than ever thanks to next year’s release of Jurassic World. What piqued a lot of people’s interests in the original film series is how dangerous the dinosaurs were depicted. Viewers of these films often wonder if they could survive in a dinosaur park. Well, if any of these dinos were there, we wouldn’t stand a …

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Lee Lyangbin Is A Kung Fu Master

49-year-old Lee Lyangbin from the village Lichzhuan Dingtao County, Shandong Province, is a kung fu master. He’s put in a lifetime of hard work so that he could do sweet moves like this.

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Abandoned Planes Of Various Origins

An abandoned airplane in the middle of nature may not be something you want to see. Typically, their journey up to the point of crash landing wasn’t a happy one. These pictures taken by German photographer Dietmar Eckell, however, are hauntingly beautiful.

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