Tuesday , 25 October 2016



Female Bullfighter Gets Gored By Bull

Charles de los Angeles is one tough woman. Most females wouldn’t be interested in becoming a bull fighter but she jumped at the chance. Unfortunately for her, bulls don’t discriminate and she had to find out what it feels like to get gored by one first hand.

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Clever Cleaning Hacks To Make Your House Sparkle And Shine

There’s nothing better than a spotless house, but cleaning can be time consuming and expensive. Instead of buying pricey, harmful chemical cleaners and spending hours scrubbing away, try some of these epic deep cleaning hacks. You’ll be amazed at how many household items double as cleaning products and home improvement tools.

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Hot Rod Races In The Australian Desert

The photographer who took these photos recently went on a trip to watch the hot rod races in the Australian Desert. We’re not sure how anyone survived the heat but it looks like they’re having fun.

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10 Days Of Extreme Weather Turn A Mountain Into Sheer Ice

Slovenian photographer Marko Korošec set out to Mount Javornik during a period of extreme weather. The pictures he captured are unlike anything else ever seen on Earth. “I love extreme weather and seen a lot, but this was just above my imagination what I experienced earlier this week” says Korošec.

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Indonesian Authorities Warn Fishermen

Indonesia has a big problem when it comes to people fishing without a license. They’ve made it well known that they don’t want poachers working in their waters. They recently blew up a boat to send a message to other fishermen.

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