Saturday , 27 August 2016



Trying To Make It Across The Passage du Gois

Passage du Gua (Passage du Gois) is a road that connects the Gulf of Burnёf with the island of Noirmoutier in France. Due to the rising tide it is only available for a few hours a day before it gets flooded. As you can see, some people ignore the signs and get trapped here anyway.

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Candid Photos From The Bohemian Grove Meeting

When Alex Jones snuck into the Bohemian Grove Meeting a decade ago and took pictures, conspiracy theorists had a field day. When the world’s most powerful leaders meet every July deep in the woods of California, it’s hard not to believe there’s a conspiracy going on here. What are they doing, and more importantly what’s with the giant owl statue?

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Say Hello To The World’s First Real Hoverboard

Hoverboards aren’t just a figment of your imagination anymore, now they’re real. This is the Hendo, the world’s first ever hoverboard and the creators are currently running a kickstarter campaign so that they can mass produce this glorious creation. For the price of $10,000 you can own your very own hoverboard to go along with your self tying shoes.

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The Best Free Porn Sites

Do you need the best free porn sites? Are you suffering from blue balls? Sick and tired of searching the web for hours just to find a good clip of adult entertainment to fuck yourself too? Hate the way elderly people smell? Well today is your lucky day because I can solve two of those problems!

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An Inside Look At American Freak Shows

American Horror Story has recently brought freak shows to the forefront of pop culture once again. Back in the day freak shows were all the rage and they featured some of the most unique performers ever. See what made these people worthy of joining the freak show.

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The Goodyear Inflatable Plane

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone created an inflatable airplane? Yes it would be cool, that’s why Goodyear already did it. During World War II the United States military was trying to find a way to solve the problem of soldiers having their plane attacked and then falling to their death. The answer was the inflatable plane.

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