35 Hilarious “Tiger King” Memes

The newly released Netflix docuseries “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” about adventures of Joe Exotic is exactly what you can imagine if you combine the title with main protagonist’s name. It’s wild and crazy, and people love it.

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Disney’s Best VS. Disney’s Worst

Hey! It’s not a Pixar film! Of Disney animation’s modern run, this is far and away their best effort. Using allegory in some really clever ways, Zootopia successfully navigates the tightrope of being a family film while telling a smart story, making it one of the rarest types of family films out there.

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5 Fast Facts About Rick And Morty

Who doesn't like Ricky and Morty? It doesn't seem to matter whether you first saw this animated show when it was brand new back in 2013, or you only just found out about it during its most recent run in 2019 - everybody who's seen the show falls in love with it.

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