Friday , 16 November 2018

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Guy Makes Incredible Flying Burger Commercial With No CGI Effects

Miami photographer Steve Giralt spent decided to forego CGI for his burger commercial, so he had to spend an entire month trying to get it right. The technique is known as “burger drop” and can be made with computer effects… …but this was created without CGI. Miami photographer Steve Giralt spent a month creating PATRIC – Precision Arduino Timing Relay …

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Genius Or Stupid: You Be The Judge

There are tons of inventions on earth that are brilliant and amazing but are not commonly available everywhere. Although these inventions in this gallery are true symbol of human brilliance, whether they are genius or stupid but for some reasons they all are rarely seen around us. No matter how scarce these products in the world are, our heart pounds …

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These Amazing Hotels Are Far From Ordinary

If you’re looking for a normal hotel that lacks excitement, these hotels definitely aren’t for you. Äscher Cliff, Switzerland Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland Ladera Resort, St. Lucia Manta Resort, Zanzibar Rayavadee Krabi, Thailand Shangri La, France Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese Polignano a Mare, Italy Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island Hotel Ubud Hanging Gardens, Indonesia Attrap Reves Hotel, France Katikies Hotel-Oia, Greece Hotel …

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Old Barn Gets Converted Into An Amazing Guest House

A couple in the city of Kirkland, Washington, USA, decided to renovate their old barn and they turned it into something truly spectacular. The old worn down stables are now look very different and the guest house is nicer than most people’s regular homes.

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Incredible Body Transformations That Are Inspiring

Often people look for ways to transform their body from flab to fab. Unfortunately only one in every hundred people succeed, but don’t let that get you down! Constant doing something productive to your goals will definitely help create a new you, even if it takes years. These incredible body transformations are the results of dedication and determination. Get inspired with these incredible body transformations and …

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Amazing images from the past that have been colored and restored

War Paint, (1944) A Samurai, (1881) Troops crouch inside a LCVP landing craft, just before landing on “Omaha” Beach on “D-Day”, (6 June 1944) Soccer legend Pele. Sao Paulo, (1958) Miss America, 1924 – Ruth Malcomson Daredevil, (1917) 18 year old Russian girl being liberated from Dachau, (April 1945) British tattoo artist George Burchett, the King of Tattooists, (ca 1930) …

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