Sunday , 18 February 2018


All The Best Behind The Scenes Photos From The Oscars

It takes a lot to bring the Oscars together and what you see on screen and what happens backstage are two totally different things. Here are all the coolest backstage photos of your favorite celebrities at the Oscars. Jack Nicholson and Nicolas Cage, 2003 Charlize Theron, 2004 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, 2003 Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri, 2007 …

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R rated Deadpool proves critics wrong, breaks box-office records

It’s been said throughout Hollywood that an R rated superhero movie would never translate when it comes to breaking box-office records. But after this weekend’s release of “Deadpool,” it turns out that it doesn’t really matter what rating the MPAA gives a movie: Any record CAN be broken. Here’s a list of previous superhero movies that have done very well …

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Stephen Fry Says A Ugandan Minister’s Views Caused Him To Attempt Suicide

Stephen Fry has described Uganda’s minister for Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo as a “foaming, frothing, homophobe of the worst kind.” Fry says that the minister looked down on him for being homosexual and told him he would be arrested if he tried to promote his lifestyle where he’s from. Fry then attempted suicide by mixing vodka and pills before …

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Interesting Things You Need To Know About Rock Legends Led Zeppelin

Nowadays Led Zeppelin are considered legends. But the story of how they got there is the most interesting story of all. Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers singer Terry Reid passed on joining the band. He had just been signed by a producer who was aiming to turn him into a solo act, so Jay told Jimmy Page no and suggested …

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The Truth About NBA Players And Groupies

NBA players seem like they’ve got the life. They’ve got a cool job, money and girls always trying to get with them. But these guys have to be careful because the ladies that want to get with them really just want to get with their money. These women are always trying to make up lies in hopes that they can …

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