Thursday , 20 September 2018


Last Pictures of Robert Landsberg

These fascinating story is well known but I wanted to quote it once again for those of you who missed it. American photographer Robert Landsberg was filming Mount St. Helens when it erupted on May 18, 1980. He was shooting as long as he could. After he realized that he would not be able to survive he rewinded the film …

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Very Lucky Drunk Driver

Matthew Hamilton, 38, drove his truck off the side of a bridge in Beaverton, Oregon, but the car didn’t fall from the bridge barrier. The drunk driver was rescued from his truck by a firefighter on a ladder.

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Abandoned Cruise Ship World Discoverer

World Discoverer was built in 1974. After more than 25 years of duty it collided with reefs near Solomon Islands in Pacific Ocean. There were no causalities. The ship was left there and became a popular tourist attraction.

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Lake Travis is Almost Gone

Lake Travis in Texas used to be a perfect party lake and an exclusive yacht club. But now it is almost gone due to long periods of drought. It will take years for Lake Travis to recover.

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Mexican Smugglers Epic Fail

Mexican smugglers tried to drive over the wall between the US and Mexico near Yuma, Arizona. They built a ramp but got stuck anyway. The smugglers left the car hanging and disappeared. Border patrol agents found the car perched atop the fence.

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