Wednesday , 20 June 2018


Nelson Mandela dead at 95

The man who led South Africa out of its apartheid era and became the face of a nation, former President Nelson Mandela has died. The news of his death was announced by South African President Jacob Zuma at 23.45 hours South Africa time. “Our people have lost a father,” President Zuma said. Nelson Mandela R.I.P. (1918-2013)

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Hurricane Sandy in Photos

Here we’ve got more than 170 photos of hurricane Sandy hitting the US East Coast. Flooded streets of New York, destroyed houses, flooded NYC subway, etc.

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Girl Recovers From Anorexia

Emma O’Neil was dying from anorexia. Her weight was less than 40 lbs (20 kilos). One day she collapsed while crossing the road. She was nearly run over by a car because she couldn’t move. It’s when she realized that she didn’t want to die. She accepted medical treatment. And now, eight years later, she is finally healthy and weighs …

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The Story of Spencer West

Spencer West was born in Toronto, Canada, 31 years ago. He lost his legs when he was five. Doctors told his parents that he will never be able to sit up. But 26 years later he did impossible: he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over a seven-day period while traveling on his hands for 80% of the trek.

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