Thursday , 20 September 2018


The Story of Spencer West

Spencer West was born in Toronto, Canada, 31 years ago. He lost his legs when he was five. Doctors told his parents that he will never be able to sit up. But 26 years later he did impossible: he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over a seven-day period while traveling on his hands for 80% of the trek.

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Egypt Soccer Riot

Egyptian health ministry officials say at least 73 people were killed and hundreds of others injured Wednesday in violence following a soccer match in the northern city of Port Said, on the Mediterranean coast.

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Boy and His Pet Python

In Cambodia a boy has a pet python. When the boy was only 3 years old his dad found the python in their house. He took the snake back to the woods but it came back on the next day. And the python stayed as the family’s pet.

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Strong Man Dai Guohong

Dai Guohong from China lost his legs in 2008 during the Wenchuan earthquake when the roof of his school fell on him and buried him and 52 of his classmates. Only 26 of them survived. But Dai Guohong never gave up. He started swimming and succeeded. Now he is preparing for 2012 London Paralympics.

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